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What Should I Do?

What To Do After BTECH? by Jntushala

Hello, Welcome to jntushala.Here We provide Information About What to do After BTECH.

There Are many ways to choose after btech choosing right way is so tuff. So here we provide som clarity about what to do after btech.

  • Campus Placements
  • GATE
  • CORE-Side
  • IT-Sector
  • Non-IT Sector
  • Government Jobs
  • Business

Campus Placements

It is Better option if you are placed in campus Interview,Because The situation outside is very hard that there are passing out many millions of graduates and thinking what to do after BTECH.So if you want to get out from that thinking stage it is right option to go to campus Placements. By doing that job you got through campus placement You can Think about The next step because you are in secured life it means that you are doing job.


GATE means Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering.The candidates who are Good in core subjects and who are perfect in Core And other related Subjects. If You have a thought of doing MTECH through GATE,Then you should start preparing GATE from Third Year onwards in BTECH or else you will lost a Lot of Time The candidates who are choosing GATE should not wait to complete BTECH They should be passed out with GATE and BTECH certificates,The candidates who are thinking that they will go to coaching after completion of BTECH then it will be a time waste Process,And there will be no Guarantee That you will qualify for GATE after completion of BTECH. So choose The way WISELY.


1.Core Based Private Jobs

Core Based Private jobs Are Too Good and you will be lucky if you get it quickly.But now a days to get the core private jobs we should have little bit knowledge if we have enough knowledge it is ok that we will get job easily and the openings based on core jobs are very if you want to goto core based private jobs you should wait or get separate coaching or training in core based Boom Technologies.So that you can get hired quickly.Then Working on core based Jobs makes happy

2.Core Based Government Jobs

Students who think that they will prepare to core based government jobs and there situation should be like same as i mentioned in GATE. Those students can prepare just for 3-4 months if the job notification will be late then you should shift for any core based job while doing job they should prepare.the time which takes to prepare for government job is approximately 3years now a candidate with 3 years of experience can make upto 5-6 lakhs per annum.So to avoid wasting time you should do parallel.


The candidates from different types of streams and from different Degree's in India choose 'IT' sector.The competition in this sector is very high and it is like an ocean of technologies.Different types of students choose different types of Technologies such as Python,Java,.NET,Digital marketing,Testing and so on.... Here the candidates who has an interest to do programming and who loves to work with IT those people will survive and those will get a satisfied job if not he should stick with unsatisfied job with low salary. Once the students get the job the main problem in IT is he should go on learning with new technologies so that he can have demand in the sector. salaries in this sector will be more based on performance and intention to work with technologies.

NON-IT Sector

It is kind of sector where the opportunities are very high but the increment in salaries who has experience is very low.the jobs are such as BPO, Business associate,receptionist and so on...If we ask for salary increment they will chose freshers so we should do these kind of jobs only when we are busy in some coaching and in preparations for government jobs in that case we should choose these jobs. these jobs are also called as Temporary Jobs.

Government Jobs

the government jobs are like central and state jobs,IBPS jobs. these jobs are very rare and the competition is very high getting these kind of jobs you need a lot of dedication and you should be highly talented it takes more time to get a job but when you get a job it will makes you happy. some people tries for more than 2 years to get these types of jobs and some people will get job quickly and you should be trained so strong that you should not waste a lot of time to get these jobs.


Starting a business quickly by parents money will be a risky thing.the business never fails but it takes some time to get profits and it need a lots of investment.the investment should be ours not our parents or borrowed ones.if the investment will be ours we have one added advantage that is the profit is used to develop the business if the investment is others the profit will be goes to others then the development of business becomes late.if development of business becomes late then other businessman's like you take the advantage and they make their business profits by developing and upgrading their own business. so be sure that when you start a business you should have another source of income at that time only we can survive in market.For a businessman he should have lot of sources of income so that he will have a secured life.

the above information is brought to you by considering and assuming the different kinds of situations in the society.these are the just choices only about what to do after BTECH. we are not responsible for any kind of issues and decisions that you may take.This is a just Informational Website.

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